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Whether you work for an academic library with a large population of students and academics, or a public library authority implementing e-governence agendas, we recognise the vital importance of demonstrating the value your library provides to your institution. Our consultants have years of experience in the library and information sector, and pride themselves on delivering consultancy projects on time and to budget. Recent examples of Holländer Consultancy projects include:

  • Best practice improving library workflow.
  • Providing concepts for Digital Archiving
  • Integrating services connecting a public catalogue to an institutional portal.
  • Evaluating Document Management system for Non-Profit Organisation.
  • Organizing and running training courses tailored to meet your staff needs.
  • Hardware and Software consulting reducing the total cost of ownership for organisations and public institutions

We specialize in optimising the performance of existing systems, where software or procedure have been in place for a number of years but need updating or integrating with other systems.




Holländer consulting provides a comprehensive onsite training package for the staff of your archive or library. For existing customers needing to improve current processes (or to simply train new staff), we offer web or class based training that can be carried out on site.

  • For a full list of training opportunities, including prerequisites for each course, ask for an offer.
  • If you have specific training needs, contact us.
  •  If you need an assessment of training needs, send us an e-mail.

What can Holländer consulting do for you?

To ensure that you continue to get the most out of your products and services,  Holländer Consulting can help you streamline your library workflows, especially in cases where software solutions and practices may have been used for a number of years. For more information on this service, please speak with us


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